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percent change

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Q: What is the ratio amount of change divided by original amount expressed as a percent?
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How do you find the original price of an item if you know the sales tax percent and amount?

The amount of tax divided by the percent of tax (expressed as a decimal) will equal the original price.

What is The ratio of an amount of increase to the original amount expressed as a percent?

It is the percentage growth.

What is the ratio of the change in an amount to the original amount expressed as a percent?

A percentage change.

How do you figure percent decrease?

(Actual decrease divided by original amount) x100%

What is the difference divided by the original amount?

That is the decimal amount of change, if you multiply by 100 it's the Percent Change

When an increase or decrease is expressed as a percent (Hint the amount of change divided by the original number multiplied by 100)?

It is a percentage change - unless the increase changes a negative number to a positive number or a decrease does the opposite.

How do you figure the original amount when divided 3 ways by 40 percent 30 percent 30 percent?

If your question is asking: "What number can be divided by (3 percentages that equal 100%), then the answer is: "Any number divided by 100% equals the original number. For example: 100 / (40%+30%+30%)= 100/100% = 100/1 = 100

What is the mathematical definition of the word percent?

expressed in hundredths, used to expressed a proportion of an amount in hundredths, represented by a symbol percent

What is the percent decrease from 220 to 33?

Percent Decrease = (Original Amount - New Amount)/(Original Amount) * 100% The percent decrease from 220 to 33 is 85%

What is percent of decrease or increase?

A percent of decrease (percentage decrease) is when a value is reduced by a percentage of its original amount. e.g. 100 decreased by 15 percent is 85. A percent of increase (percentage increase) is when a value in increased by a percentage of its original amount. e.g. 100 increased by 15 percent is 115.

How do you a multiplier to calculate a percentage increase?

percent increase=(new amount-original amount) _____________________ original amount

How do you do you find the percent of change in numbers?

new amount minus original amount over original amount