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Circumference = 27 cm

So radius, r = 27/Pi = 4.297183 cm

Then surface area = 4*Pi*r2 = 232.05 cm2

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Q: What is the surface area of a sphere with a circumference of 27cm?
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What is the approximate surface area of a sphere with c37.68km?

The approximate surface area of a sphere with circumference 37.68km is 452km

What is the surface area of a sphere with the circumference of 13?

Surface area = 53.794 units2

How do you find the surface area of a sphere when only given the circumference?

S = C2/pi where S is the surface area, C is the circumference.

Where do you use pi in measurement?

circular calculations. circumference, area of circle, vol of sphere, surface area of sphere, etc.

What is the surface area of a sphere with a circumference of 9cm?

You can divide this problem into two steps: 1) Divide the circumference by (2 x pi) to get the radius. 2) Use this radius in the standard formula for the surface area of the sphere.

What is the formula of finding the circumference of a sphere?

4*pi*r2. because surface area is equal to circumference of circle.

What is the surface area of a sphere whose great circle has a circumference of 40pi?

The great circle has circumference 40pi and we know circumference is 2pixr so 20 is the radius of the sphere. Now use this and the formula that surface area is 4pir^2 so the surface are is 4pi(20)^2. or pi(1600)

What is the diameter of 27cm for area of circumference?

There is no such thing as an "area of circumference".If 27 cm is the diameter, you can calculate the circumference by multiplying this by pi, which is approximately 3.1416.

What are the 7 parts of a sphere?

They can be: volume, surface area, radius, diameter, circumference, axis and its hemisphere

How do you get the circumference of a sphere?

pie times diameter is the circumference of a circle. a sphere is a 3-dimensional object and you dont take the circumference but rather you take the surface area. the circumference is to measure the total outside distance around the circle. the surface area is the measure the total outside distance around the sphere. remember a sphere is like a ball that is rounded. a circle is just a circle and can only be 2-dimensional.. like on paper

How do you work out the surface area of a sphere shape?

The area of a sphere is equal to its circumference times its diameter.There are a variety of ways to work out this formula, most of them involving calculus.(See the links for the volume of a sphere).

The surface area for a sphere is four times the product of pie and the square of the radius?

You are correct my friend! Surface Area of a Sphere is indeed = 4(pi)r^2 and that is also equal to Circumference times Diameter!

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