What number has 4 significant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1002 has 4 significant digits.

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Q: What number has 4 significant?
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What the rules in expressing a number in scientific notation?

1. All non-zero digits are always significant. 2. Zeroes between other significant figures are significant. 3. Trailing zeroes without a decimal point are not significant. 4. Trailing zeroes after a decimal point are significant. 5. Leading zeroes that come before a non-zero number are not significant. 1. 2598 has four significant figures. 2. 25005 has five significant figures. 3. 160 has two significant figures. 4. 45.800 has five significant figures. 5. 00.00589 has three significant figures.

Express the number 0.0006584 in scientific notation to 3 significant figures?

0.0006584 in Scientific Notation = 6.584 x 10-4

What is 2.052857143 rounded to 4 significant digits?

It is 2.053

What is the significant features in a measurement?

Significant Features in a given measurement mean like specific digits from a number. The rules are: 1) Nonzero digits are always significant 2) All final zeroes after a decimal point are significant 3) Zeroes between two other significant digits are always significant 4) Zeroes used soley as placeholders are NOT significant 5) Zeroes between a decimal point and a nonzero digit are significant. 34900 would have 3 significant features. 0.0034900 would have 5. I hope that helps. I got the information from this website: There are tons more practice problems and info.

What is the geometric mean of 4 and 10?

To find the ARITHMETIC mean of 4 and 10, you add them up and then divide by n number of values: (4+10)/2 = 7 To find the GEOMETRIC mean, you multiply 4 and 10, and then find the nth root: the square root of 40 is 6.32 (to 3 significant figures).