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If the solution contains one variable which has not been fixed then there are infinitely many solution.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When you solve equation describe how you know when there will be a infinite solutions?
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Is there an explicit solution to a single linear equation with two variables?

Such an equation has an infinite set of solutions. You can solve the equation for one variable, in terms of the other. Then, by replacing different values for one of the variables, you can get different solutions.

How do you solve 5x-y equals 25?


Can you solve x plus 2y equals 2?

No. There is not enough information in the equation x + 2y = 2, by itself, to solve it. There are an infinite number of solutions. A second equation, or information to allow a second equation to be derived, must be given to find a solution.

What are the three solutions for 4x-2y equals 8?

It is not appropriate to talk about "the" three solutions for this equations; the equation describes a straight line, and has an infinite number of solutions. Solve the equation for "y", substitute any value for "x", and calculate the corresponding value for "y", to get one opf these solutions.

How do you solve 7x-4y equals 30?

You cannot solve one equation in two unknowns. The given equation defines a line in the 2-dimensional plane and every point on the line is a solution. There are, therefore, an infinite number of solutions.

What 3 numbers add up to 24?


How can you write an equation in two variable to solve a problem?

A linear equation in two variables will give an infinite number of solutions. These will comprise the coordinates of points along a straight line in 2-dimensional space.

Can you solve for a variable in a equation?

Yes, that is often possible. It depends on the equation, of course - some equations have no solutions.

Describe the procedure used to solve an equation for a variable?

It very much depends on the equation. The procedure for solving an equation with just one variable is so very different from the procedure for finding solutions to non-linear equations in several variables.

How do ya solve 40q plus r equals 15496?

Ya can't. Ya got two unknowns there. To solve for two unknowns, ya gotta have two equations. Widout anudder equation, ya got a infinite number of solutions.

What are the x solutions for the equation 5x2-13644?

The question contains an algebraic expression but, since there is no equality sign, there is no equation to solve.

How do solve for differential equation?

There are many kinds of differential equations and their solutions require different methods.

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