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Demand and quantity sold is an example of positive correlation. As the number of people in demand of a product increases, the quantity sold of that product also increases.

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Q: Which example represents a positive correlation?
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What is an example of weak positive correlation?


A positive value for a correlation indicates?

A positive value for a correlation indicates a positive correlation; e.g. it has a positive slope.

Is certain a negative connotation or positive correlation?

A positive correlation.

What is a Correlation example in real life?

Positive Correlation- Age - Amount of medical conditions Negative Correlation- Television Watching- Grades No Correlation- Height of a person- Number of shoes they own Hope this was helpful!

Example of positive correlation?

The number of pounds increases as the number of calories consumed increases.

What does the sign of the correlation coefficient tell you about the association?

Positive correlation = positive association Negative correlation = negative association

What is the difference between positve and negative correlation?

Positive correlation has a positive slope and negative correlation has a negative slope.

What are the possible ranges of correlation coefficients?

The possible range of correlation coefficients depends on the type of correlation being measured. Here are the types for the most common correlation coefficients: Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r) Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient (ρ) Kendall's Rank Correlation Coefficient (τ) All of these correlation coefficients ranges from -1 to +1. In all the three cases, -1 represents negative correlation, 0 represents no correlation, and +1 represents positive correlation. It's important to note that correlation coefficients only measure the strength and direction of a linear relationship between variables. They do not capture non-linear relationships or establish causation. For better understanding of correlation analysis, you can get professional help from online platforms like SPSS-Tutor, Silverlake Consult, etc.

What are three types of correlations?

positive correlation-negative correlation and no correlation

Can you provide an example of a weak positive correlation?

You can find examples by typing it in to Google. Weak positive correlation is a set of points on a graph that are loosely set around the line of best fit. The line will be positive rising up from left to right. A weak correlation can vary a lot as long as you can decipher which direction the data tends towards you have a correlation. If the points are close to the line of best fit you have a strong correlation and with a set of points perfectly lined up is perfect correlation. All three types can positive negative or perfect.

What is a correlation where both sets of data values increase or decrease together?

Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.

Do the height of a NBA players in relationship to their shoe size represents a negative correlation?

No, the height of an NBA player in relationship to his shoe size does not represent a negative correlation. The two actually represent a positive correlation. As the NBA player increases in size, so will his shoe size.