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Here is the link that will help you with Illustrations

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Q: How do you draw a circle in isometric projection?
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In isometric projection how to draw pentagon?

Firstly Draw a pentagon and enclose it in a square. Then draw an isometric scale. With isometric reading draw the square first on 120degree axis, reduce the pentagon sides on isometric scale and plot it on the isometric square

What kind of projection exhibits a circle as an elliptic shape?


What is isometric projection?

Isometric projection is another way of saying 3D. With isometric projection things are drawn on a two dimensional surface to show how they would look in 3D.

What is the Difference between Isometric Projection and Oblique projection?

The difference is that the Isometric projection shows more and accurate drawing than the Oblique project which is just a pictorial method.

Difference between isometric view and isometric projection?

I think both are same. There is difference between isometric view and isometric drawing that is of size.

What are the three principles of isometric projection?


Which 3d projection used in industry?


What is the angle used in isometric projection?

always 30 degrees

How do you draw an isometric letter f?

you can start of by getting isometric drawing paper

How do you draw an isometric projection of a hexagon?

First, you will have to draw circle, and with exact measuring then draw a hexagon. Then make it a cube, and on the top side of this square divide each side by a dot and connect these dots with straight lines. Next, draw a circle in this new, smaller square. On a new paper, copy the previously made small circle. Below the previous one, copy the circle again (so you will have two circles). Make it a cylinder, then copy the cube from the previous draw below this cylinder. Draw the cap for the cylinder on its top, and basically you are done. Additionally, if you have found these instructions a bit confusing, you can search for a video on YouTube on this topic in case you are a visual type.

What is isometric projection in AutoCAD?

It is 3D view at an angle and diminishing into the distance.

How do you draw an isometric letter z?