2pi is an integer

Updated: 4/28/2022
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2 times pi is not an integer. Since Pi is an irrational number, 2 pi is also an irrational number.

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Q: 2pi is an integer
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What is the radius of the circle if circumference is 132cm?

Radius of circle: 132/2pi = 21cm to the nearest integer

What is cosine of 2 X 3.1416?

The cosine of 2pi is 1. In fact, for every integer N, the cosine of 2 N pi is 1.

What is the reciprocal of 2pi?

Reciprocal of 2pi = 1/(2pi) = 0.159155(rounded)

Can the quotient of two irrational numbers be rational?

Yes. 2*pi is irrational, pi is irrational, but their quotient is 2pi/pi = 2: not only rational, but integer.

What is cos 2pi?

The cos of 2pi is 360 degrees which is 1.

Why are trigonometry functions periodic?

Because any angle increased by k*2pi radians (= k*360 degrees) where k is an integer, is, effectively, the same angle. This implies that f(x + 2kpi) = f(x) for any angle x and any trig function f. This gives f a maximum period of 2pi radians.

What is pi added to pi over two?


What is the circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius?

The circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius is: 39.58

Is 2pi rational?

NO. pi is an irrational number, therefore, 2pi is also an irrational number/

What is the ratio of the circumferences for two circles with areas 6 pi m2 and 150 pi m2?

area = 2pi*r2circumference = 2pi*rThe ratio of their circumferences will be 2pi*r1 /2pi*r2 = r1/r21) r2 = 6pi/2pi = 3. r1 = root(3).2) r = 150pi/2pi = 75. r2 = root(75)So the ratio of their circumferences isr1/r2 = root(3)/root(75)

How do you solve secx equals 2?

sec x = 2 cos x = 1/2 x = PI/3 and x=5PI/3 The period of cosine is 2PI The general solutions are: x= PI/3 + 2nPI, where n is any integer x = 5PI/3+2nPI, where n is any integer

Is 2Pi r the same as Pi r squared?

No. 2Pi r is equal to Pi d, though.