Are all ratios a fraction

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All ratios can be written as fractions.

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Q: Are all ratios a fraction
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What is equivalent ratios characteristics?

first of all your question doesnt make sense at all!!! but ill tell you this, Equivalent Ratios are ratios whose fraction or ratio are equivalent. now go away kid

Are all ratios consederd fractions?

Every ratio has a corresponding fraction and a percentage value.

Is it true that some fractions and ratios can be written in mixed numbers?

You can write any fraction greater than 1 as a mixed fraction. It is not customary to use mixed fractions for ratios.

When are 2 ratios equal?

The two ratios are said to be equal when even if we multiply both terms by the same number or divided both terms , the equivalent fraction or simplest fraction is the same.

What are ratios that are equivalent?

any fractions that are equivalent are also equal ratios as a ratio and a fraction are pretty much the same thing.

What ia an comparison of numbers or variables that can be written in fraction form?

They are ratios.

What is a comparison of numbers or variables that can be written as a fraction form?

They are known as ratios.

What is a ratio and how does it relate to a fraction?

A fraction is a ratio of a part to the whole. Ratios can represent this or a part to another part, as well.

What are all whole ratios for the number 80?

80 can be written as 80/1. Multiply both the numerator (80) and the denominator (1) of this fraction by any non-zero integer. You will have an equivalent fraction. There are infinitely many integers that can be used for this purpose and so infinitely many whole ratios. It is, therefore, not possible to list them.

Is a compound fraction a equation that shows that two ratios are equivalent?

No, a compound fraction is a fraction in which either the numerator or the denominator, or both, contain one or more fractions.

Are all fractions ratios?

Yes, every fraction is a ratio of the numerator to denominator. The word rational (in rational number) has as its root ratio.

Can Some fractions and ratios can be written as mixed numbers?

fractions can't be written as a mixed number because it's already a fraction but im not sure about ratios.