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Q: Arrange the integers from 1 to 15 in a line so thet the sum of each adjacent pair is a prime number?
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How can you arrange 11 tiles to identify the number as prime or not prime?

You can arrange them in one row or column of 11 tiles, identifying the number as prime.

Can a number be both prime and irrational?

No. Prime numbers are positive integers, and integers are not irrational.

Is 306.50 a prime number?

no - prime numbers are integers

What positive integers are divisble a prime number?

All integers greater than one are divisible by prime numbers.

Are irrational numbers prime?

A prime number is a natural number that has no natural number as a factor other than itself or 1. An irrational number is not a natural number, so an irrational number can't be prime.

Is 0.3 a prime number?

No, prime numbers are positive integers. Decimals are not prime numbers.

What does adjacent prime mean?

Adjacent means next to for example one angle is adjacent (next to) the other.ans 2.The answer above is a correct statement, but does not answer the question.An 'adjacent prime' is not usually next to another prime. Adjacent primes are those that are separated by exactly one even number from another prime. Example : 29, 31.

-2 is prime number or not?

No, only natural numbers (positive integers) can be prime.

Is 1423 over 2642 prime?

No - prime numbers are integers - a fraction cannot be a prime number.

Is 37.5 a prime number?

No. The term prime number only applies to integers, such as 37 or 38. 37.5 is not an integer.

How could you arrange 11 tiles to identify the number as prime or not prime?

The only arrangement is 1 x 11, identifying the number as prime.

How could anita arrange 11 tiles to identify the number as prime or not prime?

If the tiles cannot be arranged into a rectangle or square it is a prime number.