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A decimal can be a positive or negative number.

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it can be positive or negative

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Q: Can a decimal be a positive number?
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Related questions

Is a decimal a positive integer?

A decimal is not an integer. However a number with a decimal component can be either positive or negative

Is 2.2 a positive integer?

No but it is a positive decimal number

Is -2.2 a integer?

No but it is a positive decimal number

Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.

Is a negative number less than a decimal number?

Yes. a decimal is a positive number. you can have negative decimals too

What number type is 3.5?

It is a decimal number, a positive number and a real number.

How do you change a negative number into a decimal?

You divide the negative number by a positive number for it to stay positive. And you divide the negative number by a negative number for it to become positive.

What is a positive decimal integer?

A positive integer is a whole number or a counting number that is greater than 0. "Decimal" simply means that the place value of each digit is ten time that of the digit to its right. A decimal number does not require a decimal point.

What is the number with no fraction or decimal that can be positive and negative?

It is an integer.

The smallest positive two digit number?

0.1 is the smallest positive number with 2 digits and a decimal point. without a decimal point the smallest is 10.

Is a negative decimal a irrational number?

It may or may not be - just like a positive decimal.

Is a decimal bigger than a negative number?

If the decimal is positive, than a negative number is less than 0.

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