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For the sum of integers:
-- two positives make a positive
-- two negatives make a negative
-- the sum of mixed signs is the sign of the one with the greater absolute value

For the product of integers:
-- like signs make a positive
-- unlike signs make a negative

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Q: Can the same rules be used to determine the sign of an integer sum and an integer product?
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How do you determine an equivalent fraction?

Multiply both the numerator and the denominator by the same integer.

What is the rules for multiplication integers?

When multiplying integers, multiplying by the same sign will always produce a positive integer. Such as a negative times a negative equals a positive. If the signs are different then the product will be a negative.

What is the meaning of pecfect square?

A number that is equal to the product of an integer and that same integer. For example, 9 is a perfect square because 9 = 3 x 3.

How do you determine if the product is negative or positive for multiplication for maths and integers?

The following rules apply to all real numbers.if either number is zero, then the product is zero.if the signs of two numbers are the same, their product is positive; if the signs are different then the product is negative.for the product of three or more numbers, the associative property can be used to find the product two-at-a-time.

Is honey a agricultural product?

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How can you use properties of multiplication to determine what the factors are with two same product?

I need help

Why does the quotient and product of two nonzero integers have the same sign?

Those are the rules of multiplication (and division).

Is 0001 is integer?

Yes, the same as the integer 1.

Which integer represents 10 am the same day?

Which integer represents 10 a.m. the same day

When an integer is divided by 1 what is the quotient?

When an integer is divided by 1 same integer number will be the quotient

When is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer zero?

When the absolute value of the positive integer is the same as the absolute value of the negative one.

What are the rules for the multiplying and dividing integers?

The product or quotient of two numbers that have the same sign is positive. The product or quotient of two numbers with different signs is negative.

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