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Basically, percent profit is:

(selling price - cost) / cost = decimal equivalent of percent profit

Ex. If selling price was 4 dollars, and the cost was only 2 dollar, the percent profit is:

( 4 - 2 ) / 2 = 2/2 = 1.0

To convert the resulting decimal equivalent of the percent to an indicated percentage then multiply the value (here 1.0) by 100, or move the decimal point two places rightward.

1.0 = 100% The percentage profit was 100%

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Q: How do you work out percentage profit?
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How do you work out a gross profit percentage?

gross profit divided by sales Sales = 250000 Cost = 100000 gross profit = 150000 150000 / 250000 = 60%

How would you work this out geeta makes a cake for 2 and sells it for 2.50 what is her percentage profit?

Profit = Selling price - CostSo in this case: Profit = $2.50 - $2Profit = $.50Percentage profit = (profit/selling price) x 100So in this case: percentage profit = ($.50/$2.50) x 100Percentage profit = (.2) x 100Percentage profit = 20%Improved Answer:-It is: (2.50-2)/2 times 100 = 25% profit

How do you calculate Selling Price if you know Cost price and Profit percentage?

profit can be calculated from profit percentage and cost price.profit percentage=profit*100/cost price.profit=selling price-cost price

How do you find the profit and loss in percentage?

The answer depends on percentage of WHAT!

What is the formula for converting profit percent to profit?

Profit = (profit percentage / 100) x gross income

What does the net profit percentage show?

net profit percentage shows how much money is left, after paying expences from running the business, as a percentage.

What is the percentage of profit if I pay .25 and sell for 50.00?

It is 19900% profit!

What is a good gross profit percentage for a supermarket?

10 percentage

What is the formula for finding profit margin?

% P = P/BP *100 % - percentage P - profit P/BP - fraction BP - buying price * 100 - times one houndred (you have to be given the buying price and the selling price to work out the percentage profit) REMEMBER TO CANCEL DOWN THE FRACTION!!!

What is the percentage profit made on an article bought for and sold for 8?

0% profit

What does profit margin mean?

Profit margin means the amount of profit you make measured in a percentage. This can include:Gross Profit marginNet Profit marginMarkup Profit margin

I have net profit dollars how do you calculate net profit percntage?

(Net profit/Net Revenue) * 100 = Net Profit Percentage Ex: Net Revenue = 10,000 USD Expenditure = 7500 USD Profit = 2500 USD Profit Percentage = 2500/10000 * 100 = 25%

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