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They are 3 and 4.

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3 and 4

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Q: If has a decimal approximation of 3.4 then x is between which two integers In your final answer?
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Two positive integers and four negative integers are all multiplied together Is the final result positive or negative?

The final result is positive.

The type of decimal that has a final digit?

The type of decimal that has a final digit is a Terminating Decimal!!! Hope you enjoy!

What is a decimal which has a final number of digits?

It is a terminating decimal.

A decimal has a final digit?

Yes its called a terminating decimal

What kind of decimal has a final digit?


How does estimate help you with original problem?

It allows you to make an approximation for the final answer quickly. When the detailed answer has been calculated, if it is very different from the approximation then it is likely that a mistake has been made in either the approximation or the detailed calculation - you have no way of knowing which is wrong. Note that there are circumstances where an approximation can be very different from the detailed calculation but both are correct. Division by a number close to zero can cause such problems.

What is 825 percent as a decimal?

Convert 8.25% to a decimal (round final answer to four decimal places

What is a decimal call when it has a final digit?

A rational number

What is 21.848 to 2 dp?

21.848 to 2 decimal points is 21.85 as you round up the final decimal

Is a decimal number with two digits is sometimes equal to a decimal number with three digits?

Only if the final digit, after the decimal point, is zero.

What does 0.80 equal as a decimal?

0.80 is a decimal. You can leave out the final zero leaving 0.8 as the simpler way to write it.

How do you change mm to cm with no decimals?

There are two steps.First, divide the number by 10. This changes the length to units of centimeter instead of millimeter.Next, if there is a zero to the right of the decimal point, simply remove it and you have your new figure. If there is a digit other than zero, the number needs to be rounded. If the digit is between 1 and 4, the final value is rounded down by removing the decimal digit. If it between 5 and 9, the final value is rounded up by removing the decimal digit and adding 1 to the value.