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-- "The sum of a two-digit number" is unclear. I took it to mean

"The sum of the digits of a two-digit number."

-- "... the product ?" is unclear. Are you looking for the product of the two digits,

or the product of the forward and backward numbers ?

-- It's not possible to write a number whose two digits sum to 12 and whose

reverse exceeds it by 25. The tens digit would have to be 4.611... and the units

digit would have to be 7.388... .


(4.611...) + (7.388...) = 12

(46.111...) + (7.388...) = 53.5

(73.888...) + (4.611...) = 78.5

Difference = 25

So, the number can't be written, but ...

The product of its two digits is 34.071 (rounded)

The product of the forward and reverse numbers is 4,199.75 (rounded)

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Q: If the sum of a two digit number is 12 and the digits interchange their places the new number exceeds the original number by 25 what is the product?
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