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7 plus the square root of 5 is an irrational number because the square root of 5 is a never ending decimal number that can't be expressed as a fraction.

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7 is rational, sqrt(5) is irrational and the sum of a rational and an irrational must be irrational.

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Q: Is 7 plus the square root of 5 irrational and why?
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Is the square root of 99 a rational number?

√99 = Square root of 99 = Irrational. Rational # are able to be expressed as the ratio of 2 integers. i.e. √25 = +5 5 = 5/1 = rational Irrational # can not be expressed as a ratio of 2 integers.

Is the square root of 5 an integer?

no.No. The square root of 5 is an irrational number. The two closest numbers with integer square roots are 4 (with a square root of 2) and 9 (with a square root of 3). Since there are no integers between 2 and 3 and 5 lies between 4 and 9, it's pretty evident that it can't have an integer square root.

Is the square root of 5 an irrational or a rational number?

A rational number can be expressed as the ratio of two integers (the number one does not count). An irrational number cannot. The square root of 5 cannot be expressed as the quotient of two integers. This assertion is by experience that the square root of a prime number is irrational. There are several methods to prove the irrationality -- look for them elsewhere. For the sake of curiosity, my calculator gives the following result for it: 2.2360679774997896964091736687312762354406183596115257242708972454105209256378048994144144083787822749695081761507737835042532677244470738635863601215334527088667781731918791658112766453226398565805357613504175337850034233924140644420864325390972525926272288762995174024406816117759089094984923713907297288984820886415426898940991316935770197486788844250897541329561831769214999774248015304341150359576683325124988151781394080005624208552435422355561063063428202340933319829339597463522712013417496142026359047379... You can say that it is irrational by looking at the inexact answer.

Is the square root of 25 an irrational number?

No. The square root of 25 is 5. 5 is an integer. And all integers are considered a rational number because they can be displayed as a fraction with a denominator (bottom number) that does not equal 0.

Is the sum of 2 irrational numbers rational?

No. The irrational parts may cancel out.For example, 1 + sqrt(2) and 5 - sqrt(2) are both irrational but their sum is 1 + 5 = 6.