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it's closer to 1/2

1/2 = 3/6

2/3 = 4/6

1 = 6/6

4 is closer to 3 so 2/3 is closer to 1/2

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Q: Is two thirds closer to a half or a whole?
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Is two- thirds closer to half or one?

Closer to 1/2.

Does a half and two thirds make a whole?


Is two-thirds closer to half inch or 1?

One. Check discussion page.

Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

Is two-thirds teaspoon more than one-half teaspoon?

A whole is 100% Half is 50% One third is (100 ÷ 3) = 33.3 Two thirds is 33.3 x 2= 66.6 Two thirds 66.6% is greater than One half 50%

What is four sixths rounded to the nearest half?

Four sixths, which is equal to two thirds, if rounded to the nearest half is approximately one half. In terms of a decimal analysis, two thirds is very close to .67, and .67 - .5 = .17, so two thirds is just .17 more than a half, but if we compare it to the number one, two thirds is fully a third (or .333...) less than one. And that is more than .17 so two thirds is closer to a half than it is to one.

What is two thirds rounded to A whole or a half?

2/3 to the nearest whole number is 1 2/3 to the nearest half is 1/2

What is one-half of two-thirds?

One-half of two-thirds is one-third.

Is two thirds bigger or one half?

no two thirds is

How is two thirds related one whole?

Divide the whole into three. Take two of them.They represent two thirds of the whole.

Is two thirds more then half?

Yes, two thirds is more than a half but not by a lot.

What is two thirds of a whole?

It is two thirds = 2/3 = 66.66... %