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3, 97

11, 89

17, 83

29, 71

41, 59

47, 53

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Q: Six pairs of prime numbers which give a total of 100?
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How many pairs of prime numbers have a sum of 40?

There 4 pairs of primes that can give a sum 40 in addition. They are (3,37), (11,29), (17,23),(19,21).

What 2 prime numbers will give a difference of one?

The prime numbers 2 and 3.

What two numbers add to give you 18 and multiply to give you 40?

There are four factor pairs of 40 totaling 13, 14, 22 and 41, none that total 18.

Give you a list of all the composite numbers?

18 prime numbers

Give two composite numbers that are also prime numbers?

Greater than one, numbers are either composite or prime, never both.

Are there any prime numbers that also square numbers give an example or explain why not.?

Square numbers can't be prime. They have too many factors.

What are the prime numbers from 1 to 10000000?

The list is far too long to list here (millions of them); a search on "list of prime numbers" can quickly give you the desired prime numbers.

Give you two prime numbers that are consecutive counting numbers?

2 and 3

What two prime numbers add together to give the answer 289?

There is no solution. For two numbers to add to an odd total, one of them must be even. If that number is also a prime it must be 2. But if one of the numbers is 2 and the two sum to 289, the other must be 287. But 287 is not a prime and the question required two primes to be added.

Which two prime numbers will give you 18?

The prime factorization for 18 is: 2 x 9 2 x 3 x 3, so the two prime numbers that give you 18 are 2 and 3.

Which 2 prime numbers add together to make 8?

5 and 3 are two prime numbers which on adding give 8.

What are co-prime numbers give egs?

Two numbers, like 4 and 9, are considered co-prime if their GCF is 1.