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No. The empty set has cardinal number 0. {ø } has cardinal number 1.

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Q: The cardinal number of the set ø is 1?
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How do you find the cardinal number to a set?

Count the number of distinct elements in the set.

What is the cardinal number of a set?

The cardinal number of a set is the number of elements in the set. Example: the cardinal number of the set {6, prune, 675, biscuit, London} is 5, since the set contains five elements. If a set contains repeated elements, they should only be counted once. Example: the cardinal number of the set {6, 7, 3, 4, 4, 7} is 4 (not 6) since the fours and sevens are only counted once.

What is the cardinal number for 7?

The main cardinal number for 7 is 7, but 1 is also a cardinal number for 7 in this case.

Determine the cardinal number of the set {x | x is a letter of the alphabet}?

I feel like a better explanation is that the answer is 26. I assumed that you were asking for {x|x, as long as x is a letter of the alphabet}. The cardinal number is basically just the number of terms in the set (it has to be distinct).

What is the cardinal number of Set G if G 1 3 5 7?

The cardinality of a set is its size. For instance, since the set G contains 4 elements, then its cardinality is 4. So if the set has a finite number of elements (meaning it is a finite set), you can find its cardinality, otherwise you cannot (meaning it is an infinite set).

What are thousand?

. 1. a cardinal number, 10 times 100.

What is the numerals number that comes before the given cardinal number of 8409?

The idea is to subtract 1 from that number.

Is five a cardinal or an ordinal number?

Cardinal. 5th would the be corresponding ordinal number.A cardinal number.

Can we define the cardinal number as the number of subsets of that set?

No. The number of subsets of that set is strictly greater than the cardinality of that set, by Cantor's theorem. Moreover, it's consistent with ZFC that there are two sets which have different cardinality, yet have the same number of subsets.

If the ordinal number is 9 th then what will be the corresponding cardinal number?

The cardinal number is 9

Is fifth a ordinal number or a cardinal?

'Fifth' is the ordinal number of the cardinal number 5.

How do you set a 3108 cardinal watch?

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