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They can be represented as a fraction of two integers.

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Q: What do all rational numbers have in common?
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What is the smallest digit that's common in all subsets of the rational numbers?

There is no such number. The empty set is a subset of rational numbers and, by definition, it contains no numbers so nothing that can be common to any other subset.Alternatively, all rational numbers less than -1 and all rational numbers greater than 1 are subsets of rational numbers. There is no number common to them.

Can a greatest common factor be a rational number?

All factors are whole numbers and all whole numbers are rational numbers (a rational number is one which can be expressed as one integer over another integer, and whole numbers can be expressed as themselves over 1), thus all factors are rational numbers and so all greatest common factors are rational numbers. The set of whole numbers is a [proper] subset of the set of rational numbers: ℤ ⊂ ℚ

What is the difference with equations with integers and equations with rational numbers?

It is a trivial difference. If you multiply every term in the equation with rational numbers by the common multiple of all the rational numbers then you will have an equation with integers.

What are common in rational and irrational numbers?

They are real numbers, so they share all the properties of real numbers.

What is the smallest digit that's common in all subset of the rational numbers?

There is no such number.S = {1, 2} and T = {£, 4} are two subsets of rational numbers. They have no digit in common.

Are all rational numbers whole numbers?

All rational numbers are not whole numbers, as rational numbers can include fractions.

Is all real numbers are rational?

No. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. All rationals are real, but not all real are rational.

Are natural numbers the same of rational numbers?

The set of rational numbers includes the set of natural numbers but they are not the same. All natural numbers are rational, not all rational numbers are natural.

All rational and irrational numbers are?

All rational and irrational numbers are real numbers.

Can Rational Numbers be integer number?

All integers are rational. Not all rational numbers are integers.

What rational numbers are real numbers?

All rational numbers are real numbers.

Which numbers are rational numbers?

All numbers that can be expressed as fractions are rational

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