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why don't reactions give us a 100 percent yield?

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2010-02-11 00:39:28
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Q: Why don't reactions give us a 100 percent yield?
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What is the percent yield of the decomposition reaction if 9.9 grams Pb(NO3) are heated to give an actual yield of 5.5 grams of PbO?

The yield is 82,45 %.

Formula for percent yield in chemistry?

Percentage yield is worked out as (amount you got/ amount you could have got) x 100 You should do the calculation in moles so weigh your compound, work out its molar mass and divide the mass by the molar mass to get number of moles. Then you have to work out your maximum theoretical yield - work out how many moles of reactant you started with and check the stoichiometric ratio from your balanced equation to find how many moles you expected to get. In organic reactions a yield of 60% or so is normal. The more steps you went through in your preparation, the lower you would expect your yield to be. Many reactions just do give a low yield anyway, because they are at equilibrium rather than going to completion, like the Haber process.

Can you give a sentence using yield?

cows yield milk

Does Vitamin C Give You Energy?

Vitamins are not used as energy sources, they are not oxidized. They take part in many reactions that yield energy tough (like the B group)

Do some chemical reactions give off heat?

No. They result in salts. By the way I dont mean cooking salt.

What do we call reactions that give off heat?

Exothermic reactions are reactions that give off heat.

Give a five letter word for give in?


What do reactions with acids often give off?

reactions with acid often give off

What is a riddle for yield?

Why did the deli give way to the street sign? Y + deli = yield.

What is the scientific name for reactions that give out heat energy?

Such reactions are called Exothermic reactions.

If you have two numbers the same how do you calculate the yield?

if you speak of %yield meaning experimential yield over theorietical yield then divide the 2 numbers and multiply by 100 give you the ans

What is meant by yield?

Yield means to give way. It can also mean that the land yields wheat and barley.

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