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Meat is 100% protien im pretty sure

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Q: What food has 100 percent protein?
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What occurs when 50 percent of a protein produces a different phenotype than that produced by 100 percent or 0 percent of the protein?

incomplete dominance

What percent of your food is made up of food?


How do you calculate percentage crude protein given that moisture 12 percent crude fiber 24 percent and crude protein 17 percent?

you are able to answer your question by using the following formula of estimating crude protein content in food or whatever protein percent you would like to estimate. protein percentage = (titration value- blank titration value )(0.01*14.007) weight of sample used Multiply the result by 100 and afterwards by 6.25 factor. then you will get the accurate protein percentage that you are looking for . hope that helped out .

Is it mandatory for a food manufacture to list the percent daily value for protein?


Can I use 100 percent whey protein standard gold before and after I work out?


How much protein is in gar fish?

In 100 grams of garfish, there are approximately 28 grams of protein. This is 50 percent of the recommended amount of protein for one day.

What food brand has 25 protein 12 fat and 1.5 calcium?

The food brand with 25 percent proteins, 12 percent fat, and 1.5 percent calcium is Organic Rabbit.

Sesame seeds in the food pyramid?

Sesame seeds fall under three places in the food pyramid. They are 16 percent carbs, 73 percent fats, and 11 percent protein.

How many protein is in 100gm of protein?

If the given 100 gm sample is of a pure protein, it will contain 100 gm protein. If your intention was to ask for the amount of protein in some food source, then it will depend on the different samples, such as 100 gm Soy bean will have approx 40 gm protein, Almonds will have 22-24 gm protein and like wise.

What percent banana protain?

Wikipedia says there is 1.09 grams of protein per 100 grams of banana

What is 80-90 percent of protein?

80-90 percent of protein = -10

What is the average percent of 100 percent 100 percent 100 percent?

100+100+100=300. 300/3 is 100

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