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Rational numbers are infinitely dense so there is no "next" fraction. There are infnitely many fractions between any two numbers. And there are infinitely more between any two of them, and so on.

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That depends what fractions you decide to draw. Since in principle the fractions are infinitely dense, there is no single answer to this.

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Q: What fraction is next to the number one on a number line?
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Where is 2 on a number line?

next to one and three

How could you represent the fraction four tenths using a model or number line?

Create a number line from zero to one where the gradations are in tenths.

How can fraction represented?

Usually either by writing one number on top of the other, with a horizontal line, like this: 1 - 2 Or one next to the other, with a slash in between, like this: 1/2

What fraction is closet to 1?

If you are talking about it on the number line, there is no such fraction because the base/denominator of the fraction can get very high. As in there is no maximum limit to numbers and there is also no limit to the maximum denominator. The bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction is and the closer it is to one on the number line. Therefore if you are talking about the number line then it will be like 1/x. If you are talking about in terms of value, then 1/2 is the closest.

How do you know which one is the atomic number?

It is usually the biggest number in each elements box otherwise it is the number that is next in line from the one in front or behind the next element

What is a fraction line?

no one knows

What is the name of a line that divides a fraction?

The line separating the numerator and denominator when displayed as one number over another is called Vinculum, or sometimes referred to as the fraction bar. If the line is a slanting line (such as in "9/10"), it's referred to as the solidus.

What is the fraction between 0.15 and 0.18 in a number line?

There are infinitely many fractions. 0.15666666666682 is one example.

What does a line over a fraction number mean?

The line over a fraction number means division. For example 2/4. 4 divided by 2 is 2. Add to the the numerator and you get 4/4. 4/4 is equal to one whole.

How do you decide whether a fraction is between 0 and one half or between onehalf and one?

you have to make a number line and show your work

Which number line shows a fraction equivalent. to 3.75?

The one that shows 3 and 3/4 or 15/4

How do you use a fraction bar to show a fraction divided by a whole number?

Example: five eighths divided by two Treat the whole number as a number divided by one Bracket the fraction above the fraction bar and the number below the bar. So: (5/8) / (2/1) Now invert the bottom line and multiply with the top line: 5/8 * 1/2 and multiply out: = 5 / 16

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