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It is a non-terminating decimal.

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Q: What is a never ending decimal called?
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What are never ending decimals numbers called?

Irrational number or repeating decimal

What is infinity divided by pi?

Impossible to answer ! Infinity is a never ending quantity - and Pi is a never ending decimal !

What do you call never ending decimals?

It depends on whether they are never ending but recurrent or never ending but non-recurring. An example of the first is 2/11 = 0.1818.... where the 18s go on for ever. This is called a recurring decimal. An example of the second is the decimal representation of sqrt(2) = 1.41421356... which goes on forever, but which does not settle into a repeating pattern. These are called non-recurring decimals.

What is the term for never ending zeros after a decimal?

A whole number??

What is the decimal form of 17 square root?

√17 is irrational (a never repeating, never ending) decimal. √17 ≈ 4.1231

What is true about pi?

It's a never-ending decimal. The fractional value is 22/7 - but the decimal value is unending.

The square root of 21 is it rational or irrational?

irrational, it has a never ending decimal

The never ending spin glitch in RuneScape?

There is nothing in runescape called the never ending glitch.

What is terminating decimal and repeating decimal?

A terminating decimal has an ending whereas a repeating decimal has no ending.

Is Pi a never ending number?

Pi is in fact a never ending number since it's decimal part goes on for ever and has no specific pattern. Ha!

How do you make a maths question with a never ending solution?

by having a non terminating decimal

What is a never ending shape called?

a fractal

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