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Irrational number or repeating decimal

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Q: What are never ending decimals numbers called?
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Can an irrational number be a repeated decimal?

Yes. Irrational numbers are never-ending numbers. Examples: Pi, repeating decimals, imperfect squares

What are some facts about Irrational numbers'?

Irrational numbers are numbers that can't be expressed as fractions and are never ending decimals that can't be expressed as fractions as for example the value of pi as in a circle.

What do you call never ending decimals?

It depends on whether they are never ending but recurrent or never ending but non-recurring. An example of the first is 2/11 = 0.1818.... where the 18s go on for ever. This is called a recurring decimal. An example of the second is the decimal representation of sqrt(2) = 1.41421356... which goes on forever, but which does not settle into a repeating pattern. These are called non-recurring decimals.

What is the largest number that rounds to 400 to the nearest hundred?

Of whole numbers only, it's 449. Of all numbers including decimals, it's 449.99999... with the 9s never ending.

Is a repeating decimal rational?

yes, repeating decimals (those that have infinite - never ending - number of digits after the decimal point and these decimals show repeating pattern) are rational numbers, because they can be written as fractions.

Will repeating decimals always or never be rational numbers?

They will always be rational numbers.

Are repeating decimals sometimes always or never rational numbers?


Is it true that every fraction can be written as a decimal?

Any fraction composed of real numbers can be written as a decimal approximation.However, some irrational numbers, like Pi, are never-ending as decimals, and must be rounded off.

What are irrational decimals?

Irrational numbers are real numbers which cannot be expressed as fractions. In other words, decimals that never repeat. Examples: sqrt(2) -pi 4*sqrt(3)

What is the name of the decimal that never stops?

The decimal that never stops is called recurring decimal. For example - 1/3 = 0.3333... and goes on. Such decimals are written with a dot or bar on top of the numbers which are repeating.

Is there a chart that converts decimals to inches?

No and there never will be. Decimals are a way to express number. They are not lengths, or mass, or volume or time or anything. Just pure unadulterated numbers. And numbers cannot be measured in inches!

How is dividing decimals different than dividing whole numbers?

in dividing decimals you never get a remainder and in dividing whole numbers you do. +++ More to the point perhaps, you are working in powers of 10 all the time.

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