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Total students = Girls (12) plus Boys (18) equal 30


Girls (12) divided by total Students (30) = .40

multiply by 100 to get percentages

=40 %

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Q: What percentage is girls in a classroom of 12 girls and 18 boys and how did you get the answer?
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What is the ratio number of 16 girls to 12 boys?

The ratio number of 16 girls to 12 boys is either 16:12 or 16 to 12.

What is the ratio of 15 boys to 12 girls?


A class of 25 students includes 12 boys. Does the ratio of girls to students represent a fraction Does the ratio of boys to girls represent a fraction How do you know?

total number of students are 25 so givin boys number is 12 that way ratio of girls 13/25

There are 27 students in Mr Rodriguez's class The number of boys and girls are both composite numbers There are 3 more girls than boys How many girls and boys are in the class?

12 boys, 15 girls The composite numbers bit is irrelevant. b+g=27 g-b=3 add the equations b+g+g-b=27+3 2g=30 g=15

How do you find the percentage?

This depends on what two numbers you have. For example, a question might ask in this form "If a classroom has 18 boys and 12 girls, what is the percentage of boys?" To work this out you need to add the boys and girls together so that you know the total number of children in the class... in this case 30. Next you multiply 18 by 100 and divide the result by 30 18 x 100 = 1800 - 1800 / 30 = 60% In other cases the question might ask for a percentage of a number you are given "If there are 350 cars in a carpark, and 40% of them are red, how many cars of other colours are there in the carpark. To work this out we need to either find out what 40% of 350 is and subtract it from 350, or we need to find out what 100% - 40% is and multiply that by 350. 350 x 40% = 350 x 0.4 = 140 - 350 - 140 = 190. 190 cars are not red. or 100% - 40% = 60% - 350 x 60% = 350 x 0.6 = 190.

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They are 12 boys and 14 girls in jed's classroom write the ratio of girls and boys?

7:6 (girls to boys)

25 are in the class 12 girls and 13 boys what percentage is boys?


What percentage of gender attend Princeton university?

50% boys 50% girls (for class of '12)

There are 12 boys and 4 girls what is the ratio of boys and girls?


In a classroom the students are 11 boys and 1 girls If one student is selected at random find the probability that the student is a girl?

1/12 =0.08333... ≈ 8.3%

What is the ratio number of 16 girls to 12 boys?

The ratio number of 16 girls to 12 boys is either 16:12 or 16 to 12.

Are the ratios 4 boys to 9 girls and 12 boys to 18 girls equivalent?

No but if were 6 boys and 9 girls then yes

66 boys are in a school There are 12 less boys than girls in this school How many girls are there?

There are 78 girls in the school. 66+12=78

What is the total number of boys and girls if the ratio of boys and girls is 3 to 2 and there are 30 students in the class?

18 boys and 12 girls

When was Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys created?

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys was created on 2010-12-07.

What is the definition of ratio?

Let me use money as an example. You are familiar with US dollars and quarters? I hope so. There are 4 quarters in a dollar. The ratio of quarters to dollars is 4 to 1, written as 4:1 or 4/1. Another example: in a classroom there are 13 girls and 12 boys. The ratio of girls to boys is 13 to 12 or 13/12 or 1.083 girls for every boy. The ratio of boys to girls is 12/13 or 0.923 boys for every girl. A ratio establishes a relationship between the relative quantities of two or more variables.

What are the age groups for US swimming?

8 and Under Girls 8 and Under Boys 9-10 Girls 9-10 Boys 11-12 Girls 11-12 Boys 13-14 Girls 13-14 Boys 15 and Over Girls 15 and Over Boys

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