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17 19 23

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Q: What prime numbers have square roots between 4 and 5?
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What are prime numbers with square roots between 4 and 5?

17, 19, 23

Why are the square roots of prime numbers greater than one always rational?

They aren't. The square roots of prime numbers are always irrational.

Can every square root be simplified?

No. For example, the square roots of prime numbers cannot be simplified.

Is the square root of 19 a rational number?

No. 19 is a prime number, and all prime numbers have irrational roots.

Which whole numbers have square roots between 1 and 20?

All whole numbers between 1 and 400 (=20 square).

Are all square roots of even numbers rational?

No. The square roots 8 are irrational, as are the square roots of most even numbers.

What are the square numbers from 576 to 10000?

The square numbers integers between 576 and 10000 (and their square roots, in the left column) are: 245762562526676277292878429841309003196132102433108934115635122536129637136938144439152140160041168142176443184944193645202546211647220948230449240150250051260152270453280954291655302556313657324958336459348160360061372162384463396964409665422566435667448968462469476170490071504172518473532974547675562576577677592978608479624180640081656182672483688984705685722586739687756988774489792190810091828192846493864994883695902596921697940998960499980110010000

What is the largest prime number that has a square root that is less than 20?

Prime numbers can't have whole number square roots, of course, but the largest prime number under 400 is 397.

What square root lies between -7 and -6?


Are all square numbers also composite numbers explain?

Every square number (except 1) is composite. Prime numbers only have two factors, one and the numbers themselves. Since square numbers also have at least the square roots as factors, they have to be composite.

What numbers come between the square root of 14?

The square roots of all non-negative numbers smaller than 14.

What is the 2 consecutive whole numbers that fall in between the square root of 140?

The numbers 0 and 1 fall in between the two square roots of 140.