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y = 5

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Q: By inspection find a particular solution to y'' plus 2y equals 10?
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How would you find a solution to y equals 3x-5x?


Find the solution 3x-3y equals 12 and 3x plus y equals 8?


Find solution for N equals 3?

N = 3. That really is all there is to it.

What is the solution x plus 2?

to find a solution, you need to also have what x+2 equals.

What is an antonym for the word deduce?

to deduce - to find the solution to a problem concerning particular objects by means of the properties of more general objects to induce - to work out the solution to a problem concerning general objects by means of the properties of particular objects

What is the solution of x plus y equals 5?

You have two unknown variables, x and y. You therefore need at least two independent equations to find a solution.

How many solutions are there in the equation 2x equals 10?

There is one solution. To find it, divide both sides of the equation by 2. This leaves you with x=5, where 5 is your solution.

What is the solution to 4 equals 2b plus b squared?

The value of b works out as about 1.236067977 To find a more accurate solution use the quadratic equation formula.

How do you solve 3a plus b equals 1 and a plus b equals to find a common solution?

The second equation is not complete and there is not sufficient information for a solution. It would make no sense for me to guess what a + b equals since, in that case, I may as well start posting my own questions and answering them!

Find the type of solution of x-3x equals -8?

x-3x = -8 -2x = -8 x = 4

What number equals 343 when cubed?

Just try cubing some small numbers. You should find the solution quickly.

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