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It will tessellate if its vertices divide into 360 degrees evenly. The only regular polygons that will tessellate are an equilateral triangle, a square and a regular hexagon.

There are other, non-regular, polygons that will tessellate.

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Q: How can you tell if a regular shape will tessellate?
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Can regular pentagon tessellate by themselves?

"yes"The answer above is incorrect. it was proven hundreds of years ago that regular pentagons do NOT tessellate. there are methods for tessellating pentagons, but they are not regularpentagons.yes the answer in the middle is write polygons can not tessellate

What shapes do not tessellate?

Shapes such as circles, regular pentagons, and heptagons.Most regular polygons will not tessellate on their own. Only triangles, squares and hexagons will.With irregular polygons there is more of a choice. All isosceles or scalene triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and kites will tessellate as will some higher order polygons.

Does a kite tessellate?

Yes like all 4 sided quadrilaterals a kite will tessellate.

Can a kite tessellate?


Why can't some shapes tessellate?

A "tessellation" (also called a "tiling") of a plane region is a covering of that 2-dimensional region using shapes that don't overlap and don't leave any gaps uncovered. Typically, we are interested in trying to use shapes that are congruent (all the same size and shape) regular polygons (the angles and sides of each polygon are the same), such as an equilateral triangle, a square, a regular pentagon, etc. This is called a "regular tessellation". It has been shown that the only regular polygons that tessellate are equilateral triangles, squares, and hexagons. So for example, a regular pentagon can't be used to tile a floor, because the angles don't match up as needed and will leave gaps on the floor that would need a different shape to fill them in. Consider, for example, a regular octagon. Each interior angle is 135o. So if you put two octagons next to each other, sharing a common side, then the two interior angles would combine to be 270o. But that leaves only another 90o of the full 360o at the point the two edges meet and need another shape to complete the tiling, which is not enough room to squeeze in another octagon that would take up 135o. The 90o does allow enough room for a square, however, and in fact octagons and squares can be combined to tile a floor in what is called a "semiregular tessellation" (using more than one shape).

Related questions

What shape can't you tessellate?

A regular pentagon will not tessellate.

Which regular shape will not tessellate?


Is there such thing as a 3D hexagon?

No. Regular hexagons tessellate and cannot form a 3-d shape.No. Regular hexagons tessellate and cannot form a 3-d shape.No. Regular hexagons tessellate and cannot form a 3-d shape.No. Regular hexagons tessellate and cannot form a 3-d shape.

The addition of what shape will allow regular octagons to tessellate?


Why doesn't the regular pentagon tessellate?

A regular pentagon doesn't tessellate because of the way the sides are joined together and hes shape of the regular pentagon.Something along those lines anyway.....

Which shape will not tessellate?

Any regular polygon with 5, 7 or more sides.

What shape can be used to create a regular tessellation?

All triangles will tessellate. All quadrilaterals will tessellate There are 15 classes of convex pentagons (the latest discovered in 2015) which will tessellate. Regular hexagons will tessellate. In addition, there are 3 classes of irregular convex hexagons which will tessellate. No convex polygon with 7 or more sides will tessellate.

Can a regular nonogon tessellate?

yes, most regular shapes can tessellate :)

Does regular heptagon tessellate?

True * * * * * No. The only regular polygons that will tessellate are a triangle, a square and a heagon. So a regular heptagon will not tessellate.

Can a hexagon tessellate?

Yes. Tessellated hexagons are the basis of many natural structures such as honeycombs.

Can a regular octagon tessellate?

No, it can't be tessellate.

Do octagons tessellate?

No it does not tessellate you have to pentagons in order for it to tessellate. * * * * * It is not at all clear what "have to pentagons" has to do with this. No polygon with 7 or more sides will tessellate. Octagons will tessellate if mixed with squares but that is not "proper" tessellation since it involved more than one shape.

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