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use y =


make a table of y values for several x values

Find max/min values using derivative.

graph the ordered pairs.

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Q: How do you graph function g?
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How can you tell if a equation is inverse?

Graph that equation. If the graph pass the horizontal line test, it is an inverse equation (because the graph of an inverse function is just a symmetry graph with respect to the line y= x of a graph of a one-to-one function). If it is given f(x) and g(x) as the inverse of f(x), check if g(f(x)) = x and f(g(x)) = x. If you show that g(f(x)) = x and f(g(x)) = x, then g(x) is the inverse of f(x).

Is a circle graph a function?

No, a circle graph is never a function.

How do you graph g of x equals x-6?

g(x) = x-6 is the function g(x) = x with a negative vertical shift of 6. That is to say, take the whole graph of g(x) = x and move it down 6 units.

What is the zero of a function and how does it relate to the functions graph?

A zero of a function is a point at which the value of the function is zero. If you graph the function, it is a point at which the graph touches the x-axis.

Can a line be a graph of a function?

Yes the graph of a function can be a vertical or a horizontal line

How can you tell if a graph is a sine function or a cosine function?

sine graph will be formed at origine of graph and cosine graph is find on y-axise

How is the function differentiable in graph?

If the graph of the function is a continuous line then the function is differentiable. Also if the graph suddenly make a deviation at any point then the function is not differentiable at that point . The slope of a tangent at any point of the graph gives the derivative of the function at that point.

When does a graph represents a function?

take a vertical line, if another line intersects that vertical line at 2 points, then it is a function.In other words,a graph represents a function if each vertical line meets its graph in a unique point.

How can you tell if a graph is a function?

The vertical line test can be used to determine if a graph is a function. If two points in a graph are connected with the help of a vertical line, it is not a function. If it cannot be connected, it is a function.

A 2d shape beginning with the letter g?

A 2D shape beginning with the letter G is called the Gaussian function. It is actually a graph that has a symmetrical "bell curve" shape. This function is usually used in the field of statistics.

What is a graph of a cubic function called?

A cubic graph!

What is the graph of a linear function?

the graph is called a line

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