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Q: Is calculus easier than algebra
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Is calculus harder than physics?

Some people find calculus easier, others find physics easier. There is no general answer.

Is algebra harder than calculus?

No calculus is harder, because calculus is basically a combination of algebra and trigonometry, so you need algebra to do calculus. Also, calculus involves limits, differentiation, and integration. Integration makes algebra look like kindergarten. +++ Meaningless question, ditto with the answers I'm afraid. These are not separate entities but all fields of mathematics, and you use algebra in expressing and solving mathematical problems. Calculus is NOT "basically a combination of algebra and trigonometry". You can differentiate and integrate trig. functions, but although calculus alone does not rely on trigonometry for its existence, its manoeuvres are all algebraic steps. As to comparative difficulty, that is entirely down to you. If you find algebra difficult you will find trigonometry and calculus difficult, because algebra is used to describe those two (and any other) mathematical process. Algebra is not an isolated topic!

What grade is calculus taught?

Calculus is usually taught two years after Algebra two. Between Algebra two and Calculus is Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus. We teach it in A Texas school at grade 12.

What course to take before advanced calculus?

You must have a strong basis in Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry and Trigonometry. Usually high schools offer a pre-Calculus course which is somewhat of a conglomeration of the aforementioned courses. Then you would move into differential calculus, integral calculus, vector (multi-variable) calculus, and finally differential equations, which is considered to be at the top of the hierarchy of the calculus courses. So take Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry and Trigonometry to get your strong foundation before begining the calculus sequence.

Is algebra 3 the same as pre-calculus?


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Is Elementary Algebra easier than calculus?


Is pre-calculus trigonometry easier than pre-calculus algebra?

If you have the option to take Pre-Calc Algebra, do that.

Is algebra or calculus easier?

The answer depends on your aptitude and also on the level at which you are studying the subject.

Are calculus and linear algebra courses hard for an individual who got an a plus in algebra?

you don't go from algebra to calculus and linear algebra. you go from algebra to geometry to advanced algebra with trig to pre calculus to calculus 1 to calculus 2 to calculus 3 to linear algebra. so since you got an A+ in algebra, I think you are good.

Where did the word algebra and calculus came from?

algebra - arabic, calculus - latin

Will you fail calculus if you are good at algebra?

You'll certainly not fail BECAUSE you are good at algebra - you need to know algebra well, to understand calculus. So, it is not guaranteed that you will succeed, but if you are good at algebra, your chances are certainly a lot better than if your are not good at algebra.

How hard is physics if you are excellent at calculus and linear algebra?

That should probably be easy. Try it out to be sure.

Why do you have to learn algebra in maths?

Because Algebra is the foundation of Calculus, and Calculus is the fundamental measurement of the Universe.

Is calculus an advanced form of algebra?

No, not really. Calculus uses algebra to solve equations, but calculus is a branch of mathematics all its own.

Is Pre-algebra easy?

It depends. It's easier than Algebra.

Is calculus harder than physics?

Some people find calculus easier, others find physics easier. There is no general answer.

What is after algebra 2?

Pre-caculus 1 - Pre-Algebra 2 - Algebra I 3 - Geometry 4 - Algebra II 5 - Pre-Calculus 6 - Calculus

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