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If you have the option to take Pre-Calc Algebra, do that.

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Q: Is pre-calculus trigonometry easier than pre-calculus algebra?
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What are the disadvantages of trigonometery?

The disadvantage of trigonometry is that it requires an intellectual effort to learn it. It is much easier to eat pizza, than it is to learn trigonometry. Put down that textbook and order a pizza. Yum!

What is Higher than trigonometry?


What jobs other than a architect requires trigonometry?

Engineers and Physicists use trigonometry, as well as people whose carrers involve acoustics, optics, and waves.

What is the origin of trigonometry As in a person time period or area?

Trigonometry was probably developed for use in sailing as a navigation method used with astronomy.[2] The origins of trigonometry can be traced to the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley (India), more than 4000 years ago.[citation needed] The common practice of measuring angles in degrees, minutes and seconds comes from the Babylonian's base sixty system of numeration. The first recorded use of trigonometry came from the Hellenistic mathematician Hipparchus[1] circa 150 BC, who compiled a trigonometric table using the sine for solving triangles. Ptolemy further developed trigonometric calculations circa 100 AD. The ancient Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, when constructing reservoirs in the Anuradhapura kingdom, used trigonometry to calculate the gradient of the water flow. Archeological research also provides evidence of trigonometry used in other unique hydrological structures dating back to 4 BC.[citation needed] The Indian mathematician Aryabhata in 499, gave tables of half chords which are now known as sine tables, along with cosine tables. He used zya for sine, kotizya for cosine, and otkram zya for inverse sine, and also introduced the versine. Another Indian mathematician, Brahmagupta in 628, used an interpolation formula to compute values of sines, up to the second order of the Newton-Stirling interpolation formula. In the 10th century, the Persian mathematician and astronomer Abul Wáfa introduced the tangent function and improved methods of calculating trigonometry tables. He established the angle addition identities, e.g. sin (a + b), and discovered the sine formula for spherical geometry: : Also in the late 10th and early 11th centuries, the Egyptian astronomer Ibn Yunus performed many careful trigonometric calculations and demonstrated the formula : Persian mathematician Omar Khayyám (1048-1131) combined trigonometry and approximation theory to provide methods of solving algebraic equations by geometrical means. Khayyam solved the cubic equation x3 + 200x = 20x2 + 2000 and found a positive root of this cubic by considering the intersection of a rectangular hyperbola and a circle. An approximate numerical solution was then found by interpolation in trigonometric tables. Detailed methods for constructing a table of sines for any angle were given by the Indian mathematician Bhaskara in 1150, along with some sine and cosine formulae. Bhaskara also developed spherical trigonometry. The 13th century Persian mathematician Nasir al-Din Tusi, along with Bhaskara, was probably the first to treat trigonometry as a distinct mathematical discipline. Nasir al-Din Tusi in his Treatise on the Quadrilateral was the first to list the six distinct cases of a right angled triangle in spherical trigonometry. In the 14th century, Persian mathematician al-Kashi and Timurid mathematician Ulugh Beg (grandson of Timur) produced tables of trigonometric functions as part of their studies of astronomy. The mathematician Bartholemaeus Pitiscus published an influential work on trigonometry in 1595 which may have coined the word "trigonometry" itself. Hope that helps. :)

Do tow boat pilots use trigonometry?

Not intentionally. They use a map book with notes of previous trips and water depth. The map book and notes are a pilot's prized possession and take years to fill out. Many of the pilots on the waterways can draw the whole river they operate with every turn and marker from memory. Its Skill and practice more than trig.

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Is statistics easier than precalc?

Statistics and precalculus both require skills in algebra. The difference between basic statistics and precalculus is that, precalculus is more of advanced algebra. Statistics on the other hand is more computational stuff. If you are talking about basic statistics, i think it is easier than precalculus. But remember, statistics is more involved as it gets higher since it requires calculus or real analysis kind of thing, so it is difficult.

Is Pre-algebra easy?

It depends. It's easier than Algebra.

What is the difference between algebra and precalculus algebra?

My Teacher said in the begining of pre calculus it is baisically algebra 3 and geometry 2. pre calc algebra is more complicated than basic algebra. however pre calc uses that basic algebra in solving problems. so all in all, they are just different levels of algebra

Is calculus easier than algebra?


Is quantitative skills and reasoning easier than algebra?


Is Elementary Algebra easier than calculus?


What are small circles according to algebra and trigonometry?

They are circles whose radii are smaller than some value set by the user.

Is algebra harder than calculus?

No calculus is harder, because calculus is basically a combination of algebra and trigonometry, so you need algebra to do calculus. Also, calculus involves limits, differentiation, and integration. Integration makes algebra look like kindergarten. +++ Meaningless question, ditto with the answers I'm afraid. These are not separate entities but all fields of mathematics, and you use algebra in expressing and solving mathematical problems. Calculus is NOT "basically a combination of algebra and trigonometry". You can differentiate and integrate trig. functions, but although calculus alone does not rely on trigonometry for its existence, its manoeuvres are all algebraic steps. As to comparative difficulty, that is entirely down to you. If you find algebra difficult you will find trigonometry and calculus difficult, because algebra is used to describe those two (and any other) mathematical process. Algebra is not an isolated topic!

What is the difference between simple algebra from advanced algebra?

advanced algebra is hard simple algabra is easy

What are the disadvantages of trigonometery?

The disadvantage of trigonometry is that it requires an intellectual effort to learn it. It is much easier to eat pizza, than it is to learn trigonometry. Put down that textbook and order a pizza. Yum!

What are 3 kinds of math problems?

Surely, there are more than 3. There are more than 3 subjects within maths: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and each one of them has divisions!

Are the algebra 2 worksheets hard If so, how can we make them easier?

There is no easier method to practice your math skills other than using the algebra 2 worksheets to help. They have good samples to use to baseline your skills.