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*E = mc^2

'E' is the Energy

'm' is the mass ( kg)

'c' is the speed of light in a vacuum ( 3.8 x 10^8 m/s)

'c^2' is the speed of light squared.

Hence E = kgm^2/s^2 , which are named 'Joules'.

It is the Einsteinian equation , that if a mass looses mass, then the difference in mass is the energy released.

NB It is very similar to the Kinetic Energy (K.E.) equation, which is

K.E. = 0.5massvelocity^2.

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E=mc2 is called the "energy mass equivalence principle" because it relates energy and mass. Note the the mass has units of eV/c2

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Energy and matter being interchangeable.

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Oh ok

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Energy and mass.

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Q: The equation E equals mc2 relates energy and?
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What does the equation E equals mc squared represent?

E=mc2 E=Energy m=mass c=the speed of light in a vacuum The equation relates mass to energy. Einstein made it.

Which kind of energy is described by the equation E equals mc2?

Mass Energy.

The equation E equals MC2 is the theory of what?

Mass-energy equivalence

Is E equals MC2 the equation for a wormhole?

No, E=mc2 is an equation to explain that matter and energy are two different forms that are the same. Matter can turn into energy and energy can turn into matter.

What is the sum to e equals mc2?

There is no sum of e=mc2, it is an equation concerning matter and energy. e=mc2 stands for: Energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared. E = M C 2

Albert Einstein equation E equals mc2 states the relation between energy?

...and Mass

How did scientists apply Albert Einsteins equation e equals mc2?

How did scientists apply albert einsteins equation e equals mc2?"

What is the formula that relates matter to energy?

E = mc2

Relativity theory equals e equals mc2?

Yes. It is Einstein's celebrated equation, E=mc2. It means "energy equals mass times the speed of light squared." It tells how to convert mass into energy. Einstein showed through this that mass and energy can be changed into each other.

How big is e equals mc2?

e = mc2 is an equation, it has no size of its own. The value of e (energy) depends on the amount of mass (m) and conversely. The smaller the mass is the smaller the amount of energy.

How is Einstein's famous equation E equals mc?

E=MC2 means Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared.

The equation E equals mc2 stands for?

E stands for "ENERGY" M = "MASS" C = "SPEED OF LIGHT"