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The binary number 10101000 = 168

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Q: Binary digits 10101000 to decimal number?
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What's the highest decimal number that be represented with 5 binary digits?

The largest decimal number is binary 11111, which is decimal 31.

How many binary digits would be required to represent the decimal number 1000 in the binary number system?

10 digits.

How do you represent a negative number in Binary Coded Decimal?

All I know is that when a number is negative, you convert the decimal into binary and if it is negative you put 1111 before the binary digits.

What decimal number is equivalent to binary number 121?

That's not a binary number ! Binary numbers can only use the digits 1 and 0.

What is a grouping of 8 binary digits expressed as a decimal number?


How many digits does it take to represent the decimal number 81 in binary?

It takes 7 digits.

How many digits are there in the binary equivalent of 56?

56 in binary is 111000. Unlike the decimal number system where we use the digits.

What is the advantage of decimal number system to binary number system?

The decimal representation of numbers is shorter. Binary number require approx 3.3 times as many digits.

What's the largest decimal number that be represented with 5 binary digits?

It is 31.

What is the highest decimal number that can be represented by eight binary digits?

11111111 = 255

How do you convert decimal 022 to binary?

You can look it up (00010110) or convert each numeral to binary individually. 11111111 is 255 decimal and is the largest number expressible with 8 binary digits.

How many digits does 5 bit have?

5 bits are 5 binary digits. If they represent a decimal number, then that number can be anything from zero to 31, and can have either 1 or 2 digits.

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