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A bigger square, a rectangle, an irregular concave hexagon, an irregular concave octagon are all possibilities.

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Q: A square and an L shape Which larger shape would be made if the two sections are fitted together?
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What is larger than a section of land?

A 'Township' is larger then a section of land and is generally 6 miles square or equal to 36 sections.

How many sections of a square mile is a township?

36 one square mile sections normally:

The larger the perimeter of a square the larger the area of that square?

The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

Is a square meter or square yard larger?

A square meter is larger than a square yard.

How do you work a punnet square?

A punnet square is a box of 4 sections

Which is bigger North and South America or Asia and Africa?

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Which is larger a square inch or a square centimeter?

A square inch is larger, and inch is 2.54cm.

How do you find square yards of a roof?

To find the area of a roof in square yards, first measure how long it is and how wide it is in feet. Multiply the two numbers together to get the area in square feet. Since there are 9 square feet in a square yard, divide the number by 9 and you will have the area of the roof in square yards. If the house is L shaped, measure the different sections separately and then add the square yards together.

How much larger is a square meter then a square millimeter?

A square meter is a million times larger than a square millimeter.

Can a square and a triangle tessellate together?

No * * * * * Yes it can: and in many ways. One possible way is to add a right isosceles triangle to each side of the square (with the hypotenuse along the square) to make it a larger square!

How many square miles equals 30000 acres?

one square mile is 640 acres, therefore 30000 acres equals 46.875 square miles (sections), or 187.5 quarter sections.

What describes all cross sections of a square pyramid where the intersecting plane is parallel to the base?

All cross sections of a square pyramid that are parallel to the base are squares

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