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Only if it is an isosceles trapezoid otherwise no.

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Q: Are all the base angles of a trapezoid congruent?
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Are all angles in a trapezoid congruent?

No, not all angles in a trapezoid are congruent. A trapezoid may have two pairs of congruent angles, or may have no congruent angles.

How many congruent angles does an isosceles trapezoid have?

By definition, all trapezoids must have one pair of parallel sides. Therefore, an isosceles has one pair of congruent angles.

What is a quadrilateral that has 4 congruent sides but no congruent angles?

I can't find a name for it but an example would be a trapezoid. Some might have congruent angles but not all do.

If the base angles of a triangle are congruent then the triangle is isosceles?

It will be either isosceles or equilateral. It is equilateral if all of the angles are congruent.

Are base angles of an isosceles trapezoid are supplementary?

they are all complementary

Are two triangles are congruent if they have the same base?

No. All corresponding sides and angles have to be congruent for the triangles to be congruent.

Does an isosceles trapezoid have all congruent sides?

Opposites sides of an isosceles trapezoid are congruent

Is a trapezoid an irregular polygon?

Yes, the only four-sided regular polygon is a square, because all of its angles and sides are congruent. This does not apply to a trapezoid, so it is irregular.

What shape has one pair of parallel sides with no sides being congruent and the angles all being different?

I think a trapezoid.

What kind of angles are always congruent?

All right angles are congruent, and all straight angles are congruent.

Are The base angles of all trapezoids equal in measure?

Only when it is an isosceles trapezoid otherwise no.

Does a trapezoid has all congruent sides?