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No, rectangular prisms are 3 dimensional and rectangles are only 2 dimensional.

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Q: Are rectangles and rectangular prisms the same thing?
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How are all faces of a rectangular prisms the same?

They are all rectangles,believe it or not all squares are rectangles!

What does rectangular prism look like with 12 cubes?

A rectangular prism has two bases, each of which is a rectangle, and four rectangular sides. The 12 cubes are the same as the rectangular prisms, except that each of the rectangles is a square.

Is it possible for two rectangular prisms to have the same volume but not the same measurements?

Two different rectangular prisms can both have the same volume of 72 cm3

What two different rectangular prisms have same surface area?

Given any rectangular prism, there are infinitely many other rectangular prisms with exactly the same surface area.

Are cuboids and rectangular prisms the same?

Yes, they are.

How are rectangular prisms and pyramids are the same?

they are the same because, they both have rectangular bases. Rectangular prisms are rectangular from the top and bottom (they are flat) while a rectangular pyramid has a point on the top where all of the edges meet. A pyramid has a tip at the top which unables it to stand on the tip while prisms can anyways.

What are the dimensions of two rectangular prisms with the same surface area?

Given the surface area of a rectangular prism, there are infinitely many rectangular prisms possible.

What are examples of rectangular prisms?

If you mean by real life examples, then take a standard tissue box. (No, not the cube-shaped one.) Then there's a book, although its rectangles are not the same all around.

If two rectangular prisms have the same volume do they have the same surface area?

well, they can, but they dont have to be no. :)

Which has more surface area a rectangular prisms or rectangular pyramid?

For the same base dimensions (base area) and the same height, the rectangular prism has more surface area.

Are rectangular and triangular prisms pentagonal prisms?

A rectangular prism is like a chalkboard eraser. A triangular prism is a pyramid. A pentagonal prism is a three dimensional home plate. None of them are the same.

Can you have 2 different rectangular prisms with the same Surface area but different volumes?

Yes, you can.