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Not a right cross-section.

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Q: Can the cross section of a cuboid be a trapezium?
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What is a cross section of a cuboid?

The cross-section of a cuboid is unified in the shape of a square or a rectangle.

What is the difference between a cylinder and a cuboid?

A cylinder has a circular cross-section whereas a cuboid has a quadrilateral cross-section.

Is it possible to create a square cross section?

Yes a prism can have a square cross-section

What is the formula to find the volume of a cuboid?

Volume of a cuboid = cross-section area times its length

What is the shape of the cross section in a square based pyramid?

It can be a square, a trapezium, a quadrilateral or a triangle - depending on the inclination of the plane which defines the cross section.

What would the cross section of a square pyramid be?

Depending on the inclination of the plane used for the cross-section, it could be a square, rectangle, trapezium, triangle.

What has six faces?

Cube, Cuboid. Any prism with a quadrilateral cross section

What 3d shape has the same cross section as a square?

The following are some shapes having a square cross section: a cube, a cuboid, a square pyramid.

Is a three-dimensional figure with no triangular faces have a cross section that is a triangle?

Yes. A cuboid, for example, has triangular cross sections

What is common between a cuboid and a rectangular prism?

They are both 3D shapes with a unified cross-section.

If you slice a rectangular pyramid perpendicular to the base but NOT through the apex what will be the shape of the cross section?

It will be one of:a triangle if where the cross section cuts the base is through two adjacent sides;an irregular quadrilateral if where the cross section cuts the base is through two opposite sides but not parallel to a side of the base; ora trapezium if where the is the cross section cuts the base is parallel to a side of the base.

What is the cross section of a cuboidal box?

The cross section of a cuboid box, bt a plane at an angle to all of its sides will be a point, triangle or quadrilateral - depending on it location. The cross section by a plane perpendicular to an axis of the box will be a rectangle.

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