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No. A pentagon can have 1 or 5 lines of symmetry.

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Q: Can you make a pentagon with exactly two lines of symmetry?
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How do you draw 5 lines of symmetry on a pentagon?

no we cant make

Can you make pentagon with unequal sides that has 2 lines of symmetry?

No you cannot.

How does a pentagon have 5 lines of symmetry?

The Pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry quite simply, actually. See, say you made one line straight through the pentagon at every vertex, right? Well, once you do that, you have 3 lines of symmetry in total, right? Now, say you make another 2 lines of symmetry, this time right through the center of each side. In total, this would make 5.

How many lines of symmetry has a square?

Some people make the mistake of thinking a square has 8 lines of symmetry, however it actually has 4 lines of symmetry. An equilateral triangle has 3 lines of symmetry.

How many parallel lines does a pentagon have?

A regular pentagon has no parallel lines, but you can create an irregular pentagon with one pair of parallel lines if you make a traditional 'house' shape with parallel 'walls'.

Is there a pentagon with no symmetry?

Yes. Just make the sides each different lengths to make it irregular.

An equilateral pentagon with exactly one right angle?

To create an equilateral pentagon with exaclty 1 right angle, you must # Create a dotted line of symmetry down the page. # Then create two lines that are exactly 3cm in length so that they form a right angle. This right angle must have exaclty 45o of it on each side of the dotted line. # Off these newly created lines extend another two lines of exactly 3cm so that the angles created are exaclty 120o each # Now draw a straight line through the dotted line of symmetry to connect the second set of 3cm lines together # The newly created pentagon should look like a house, that widens as it comes up to the roof and then comes into a point at the top. To insure that the pentagon is correct - Add all angles together and make sure that they equal 540o - Measure each line so that they are all exaclty 3cm - Make sure that the angles are as follows, 105-120-90-120-105 - You have now created a SERP - an equilateral pentagon that has a line of symmetry and in this case one right angle.

How do you make 5 triangles from a pentagon with 2 lines?

you can't

How many lines of symmetry can you make with a circle?

It would be infinite.

Can a octangon and a square make a figure with two or more lines of symmetry?


Do regular shapes have symmetry lines?

yes but make sure you look and make sure

How to draw a pentagon that has three right angle?

draw four lines the make 3 right angles but don't connect at the end continue to finish the pentagon with whatever lines you want

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