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as you are trying to work out the area. W x L = area. So. 5m x 6m = 30m2

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2009-04-07 11:11:21
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Q: How do you calculate 5 m width and 6 m lenght in m2?
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What is the width of a rectangle whose area is 60 square inches and whose length is 5 inches?

the width of the rectangle is 12.....because area= lenght x width so if the lenght is 5 inches and the area is 60....u divide 60 divided by 5 = 12

The lateral area of a rectangular prism with a width of 10a lenght of 7.5 and a height of 5?

375 375

The length of a rectangular floor is 5 feet less than twice its width The area of the floor is 150 square feet What is the width of the room?

lenght=15, width= 10

Length of rectangle garden is 5 m greater than the width the area is 84 m2 find the dimensions of the garden?

Length of rectangle garden is 5 m greater than the width. the area is 84 m2. find the dimensions of the garden.

How big is the university of Phoenix?

It is about 5 miles in width and 8 miles in lenght coming out to about 9.8 miles in area.

What is the measure of the lenght of a rectangle that has a width of 2 meters and a perimeter of 14 meters?

5 meters Check: 5+5+2+2 = 14 meters

What is the volume of a rectangular prism with a lenght of 10cm a width of 7cm and a height of 5cm?

10*7*5 =350 cubic centimetres.

How do you calculate unit weight of ms hollow tubes?

5 mm thick hollow pipe and lenght = 1 meter check the weight calculate

How do you find the area of a rectangle with the diagonal of 13 and a width of 5?

if a rectangle has width of 5 and diagonal with lenght of 13, what is the area of the rectangle? Use Pythagoras' theorem to find the length of the rectangle which will be 12 5*12 = 60 square units

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden the area of the garden is 50 square feet and the lenght of the garden is twice the width what is the width of the fence?

Let the length be 2x and the width be x: length*width = area 2x*x = 50 2x2 = 50 x2 = 25 x = 5 feet

How do you change 5cm2 to m2?

5 cm2 = 5 * 1 cm* 1 cm = 5 * 0.01 m *0.01 m = 5 * 0.0001 m2 = 0.0005 m2

The area of a rectabgular garden is 60 m2 and the width is 50m how long is the garden?

A = lw 60 = l * 50 l = 60 / 50 l = 6/5 m

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