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To find area given perimeter, rename perimeter to circumference and solve with these formulas:

Circumference = 2πr (or 2 * π * r)

Area = πr^2 (or π * r * r)

With these the area can be found from circumference(or perimeter) as follows:

A = π(C / 2π)^2

Now, to find the perimeter given the area;

We use A = πr^2 and rearrange then solve:

r = √(A / π)

So, the circumference would be 2πr = 2π√(A / π)

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Q: How do you determine perimeter if given the area?
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What is the perimeter of a room that is 246 square feet in area?

Based on the given information, there is no way to determine the perimeter.

How do you determine area if perimeter is given?

More information is required in order to answer this question. What is the shape for which the perimeter is given? If it anything other than a circle or regular polygon it is not possible to determine the area. For a circle or regular polygon, the answer will depend on the shape.

How do you find the perimeter using area?

Perimeter and area have a relationship but the shape of the space and area together determine the perimeter. A circle has the maximum Area for a given perimeter -or- the minimum perimeter for a given area. Area = pi * radius * radius and perimeter = 2*pi * radius for a circle; perimeter = 2* pi * square root of (Area/pi) With regards to square and rectangles the closer a shape is to square the greater the Area for a given perimeter -or- the minimum the perimeter to a given area. Square Area = side * side and periemter = 4 * side So perimeter = 4 * square root (Area) To solve for a rectangle, you must know ONE side to solve as the relationship between the Area and the perimeter is change as the relative size of side1 and side 2 changes. Rectangle Area = side1 * side2 and perimeter = 2 * (side1 + side2) so perimeter = 2 * (Area/side1 + side1) or 2 * (Area/side2 + side2)

How do you determine area when perimeter and length of a square is given?

The perimeter of square is 4 x length If you have perimeter only divide by 4 to get length and The area of square is length x length If you already have length that is all you need to know

How do you find the perimeter of a hexagon if the area is given?

In general you cannot find the perimeter of any shape if only the area is given.

How do you find area when given perimeter and width?

If you are given the width and the perimeter, then figure out what the length is then calculate the area... hope this helps :)

What is the shape for a figure to have a perimeter of 20 and an area of 18?

Perimeter and area are not sufficient to determine the shape of a figure.

What is the perimeter of a square when given the area 121?

The perimeter is 44 units.

How do you calculate perimeter of a square when its area is given?

Perimeter = 4 times the square root of the area.

What shapes have the same perimeter but different areas?

Given any shape with a given area you can another shape with the same area but a different perimeter. And convesely, given any perimeter you can have another shape with the same perimeter but a different area. And these apply for the infinite number of shapes.

What are the dimesions of a parallelogram that has an area of 24 cm and a perimeter of 22cm?

The area and perimeter of a parallelogram are not sufficient to determine its dimensions.

What is the Area and perimeter of Wisconsin?

The area of Wisconsin is 65,503 square miles. The perimeter of Wisconsin is 1379 miles. The length or width plus the area are used to determine the perimeter.

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