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You can't. The perimeter doesn't tell the area. There are an infinite number of

shapes with different dimensions and different areas that all have the same


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Q: How do you determine the area of a rectangle if you know the perimeter?
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If the area is 9 sq cm what is the perimeter?

It's undefined, because we dont know the shape of the figure. If it's a square, the perimeter is 12.. if its a rectangle the perimeter MIGHT be 20... We cant determine if we dont know the figure.

If you know the perimeter of a rectangle but don't know the length of the sides can you find the area?


If you know the perimeter of a rectangle but not the length of its sides can you calculate its area?


Can you find the perimeter if you know area of a rectangle?

You can find the perimeter of a rectangle if you know its area and the length of one side. Divide the area by the length of the known side and the quotient will be the length of a side perpendicular to the known side, and then multiply the sum of the two sides by two to find the perimeter.

Can you calculate the area if you know the perimeter?

No, you can not calculate an area if you know just the perimeter. For example, rectangle with sides of 10 and 20 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 200, but a square of sides 15 would have a perimeter of 60 and an area of 225. You need to know more details about the shape than just the perimeter.

How do you find the width of the rectangle?

If you know the area the divide area by length if you know perimeter subtract it by 2xlength and divide by 2

If I know the sq.ft. how do I determine the area and perimeter?

"Sq.ft." is the area. It's a phrase used by people who actually don't understandthe whole concept. If you know the sq.ft., then you know the area, because they'rethe same thing. But you can't determine the perimeter from knowing the area.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with an area of 130 square yards?

You'd need to know one of the sides.

How do you find the perimeter using area?

Perimeter and area have a relationship but the shape of the space and area together determine the perimeter. A circle has the maximum Area for a given perimeter -or- the minimum perimeter for a given area. Area = pi * radius * radius and perimeter = 2*pi * radius for a circle; perimeter = 2* pi * square root of (Area/pi) With regards to square and rectangles the closer a shape is to square the greater the Area for a given perimeter -or- the minimum the perimeter to a given area. Square Area = side * side and periemter = 4 * side So perimeter = 4 * square root (Area) To solve for a rectangle, you must know ONE side to solve as the relationship between the Area and the perimeter is change as the relative size of side1 and side 2 changes. Rectangle Area = side1 * side2 and perimeter = 2 * (side1 + side2) so perimeter = 2 * (Area/side1 + side1) or 2 * (Area/side2 + side2)

How do you get the area of a rectangle if you know the width perimeter and length?

you times the length by the width to get the area of any rectangular or square shapes

What is the area of a rectangle with length 45 cm and width 30 cm?

we know,area of rectangle = l * b perimeter= 45*30=1350 cm ^2

What is the perimeter of the rectangle with a length of 8 inches is 48 square inches?

You must first calculate the width, using the formula for the area of a rectangle (plug in the numbers you know into the formula, and solve for width). Once you know this, you can plug in the numbers in the formula for a rectangle's perimeter.

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