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first you draw a circle, divide it into 4

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Q: How do you draw a rhombus using a compass?
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What rhymes with rhombus?

Compass rhymes with rhombus

How do you draw a hexagon shape without using a compass?

you just draw lines

How do you draw a circle in assembly program?

You can draw a circle in assembly program by using a compass-like tool. Secure the tip of the compass and then rotate the compass tool so that it completes the circle.

How do you draw 75 degree angle using ruler and compass only?

first draw a ray .

How do you draw a whole angle?

measuring using a compass n protector

One can draw a geometric figure using?

Geometric figures can be drawn using a compass and a straight edge. This is commonly known as ruler and compass construction.

How do you draw a trapezium by using ruler compass protector and setsquares?

Check on youtube!

Can you draw a regular hexagon only using a straightedge and a compass?

True newtest3

How can you draw an arc on your computer like you are using a compass?

use an arc tool

How do you divide a circle in to 6th equal parts?

If you have a protractor: Draw a line from the center of the circle to the outside (radius), then measure 60 degrees and draw another line. If you have a compass: Draw a circle using the compass, then, using your compass, place the compass needle on the edge of the circle, draw another circle (KEEP THE RADIUS THE SAME). Your two circles should have two intersection points. Place the needle on one of the intersection points and repeat the process. I suggest you look at:

How do you draw 105 degree angle by using compass?

In conjunction with a straight edge and a protractor

You can draw a regular hexagon using only a straightedge and compass?

True newtest3