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Q: How many faces does a polyhedron have with 18 edges and 12 vertices?
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A polyhedron with 12 vertices and 30 edges has how many faces?

A polyhedron has 30 edges and 12 vertices. How many faces does it have

Why is a sphere not a polyhedron?

A sphere is not a polyhedron because it has no edges, no vertices and no flat faces The word 'polyhedron' means many faces.

If a polyhedron has 5 faces and 6 vertices how many edges are there?

It is a triangular prism that has 5 faces, 6 vertices and 9 edges

If a convex polyhedron has 12 edges and 8 faces then how many vertices does it have?

It has 6 vertices.

If a polyhedron has 10 more edges than vertices how many faces does it have?

For all polyhedra: vertices + faces = edges + 2 The given fact is: edges = vertices + 10 → vertices + faces = vertices + 10 + 2 → faces = 12

How many edges does a polyhedron have which has four faces and four vertices?


Polyhedron has 10 vertices and 10 edges how many faces?

Such a polyhedron cannot exist. According to the Euler characteristics, V + F - E = 2, where V = vertices, F = faces, E = edges. This would require that the polyhedron had only two faces.

There are 18 edges and 8 faces in a polyhedron. how many vertices does it have?

12 vertices A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.

A polyhedron with 22 faces and 60 edges has how many vertices?


How many faces and edges does a 3d polyhedron have?

The only thing that can be said that there must be at least 4 faces and at least 6 edges and that the polyhedron must satisfy the Euler criterion which requires that: Faces + Vertices = Edges + 2.

How many faces if there is 16 vertices and 37 edges?

If the object is a convex polyhedron, then, by Euler's characteristics, it should have 23 faces.

How many faces and vertices does a gemstone have with 22 edges?

The number of vertices and faces is 2 more than the number of Edges according to Euler's formula. So a gemstone with 22 edges must have a total of 24 faces and vertices.