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two, squares and rectangles

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Q: How many polygons different polygons can be made with four right angles?
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What is a polygons with four right angles and four congruent angles?

A quadrilateral, specifically a square or rectangle

Does a polygon have four right angels?

It is most unlikely. Most polygons will not have any right angles.

How many polygons can you make with four right angles?

A square and a rectangle are two of them because they both have 4 interior right angles

How many right angles can a pologon be made of?

Four, because a square and a rectangle are polygons.

Do a polygons have four sides an four angles?

no, they can be any shape

Why is a cube a polygon?

It is because a cube has four sides and four angles polygons have four sides and four angles.

What is every rectangle?

Every rectangle has four (straight) sides, and four (right) angles. All rectangles are also polygons, quadrilaterals, and parallelograms.

Do qaudrilaterals have 3 right angles?

Quadrilaterals are polygons having four sides. Quadrilaterals may have 1, 2, or 4 right angles. It is impossible for a quadrilateral to have exactly 3 right angles because the fourth angle would also be a right angle.

How do you draw a hexagon with four right angles?

It is impossible to do this. The measures of all of the interior angles in a hexagon add up to 360 degrees, so for there to be four right angles the other two angles would have to be zero, which isn't possible. Visit the Related Link below for an image. The right angles in this image are numbered. Remember that hexagons are six-sided polygons.

A parallelogram with four right angles with sides different in length and width?

a parallelogram with four right angles with sides different in length and width is That would be a rectangle. - HistoryDork

A parallelogram with four right angles and with sides different?

A rectangle

Richard drew a polygon with four sides and two right angles list two types of polygons that Richard could have drawn?

Square Rectangle