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Depends entirely on the length and width. If it's square then 40 feet, but otherwise just add the length and width and double your answer...

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Q: How much fencing is needed for a 100 square feet backyard?
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How much fencing is needed for a 4791 square feet backyard?

The distance around 4,791 square feet depends on whether it is a square, a rectangle, or a really long, narrow rectangle.

How many feet of fencing would it take to fence in 28 acres?

If the area is a square then a minimum of 1,104.4 feet of fencing would be needed.

How many yards of fencing are needed if the backyard is 90 feet wide and 120 feet long?

Assuming all four sides are being fenced, 420 feet of fencing is required, which converts to 140 yards.

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden The area of the garden is 50 square feet and the length of the garden is twice the width How many feet of fencing will he need?

4Improved Answer:-30 feet of fencing will be needed

Is a backyard measured in square feet or cubic feet?

In square feet. Multiply the length by the width.

What is the greatest rectangular area you can completely enclose with 100 feet of fencing?

625 square feet.. the area would be a square rectangle with 25 feet of fencing on each side.

How many square feet in a backyard 20X30 feet?


What would the area be measured in a backyard by?

cubic feet if a cube and square feet if a square shape

If an area in my backyard is 40 feet by 14 feet how do you convert to square feet?

40 x 14 = 560 square feet

How many square feet in a backyard 65X80?

5,200 square feet (65 x 80 = 5,200).

How much fencing for 60 acres?

If the acreage is a square, you'll need 6,467 feet of fencing to enclose the area.

How much fencing is needed to fence a front yard that measures 65 feet long and 45 feet wide and a backyard that is 35 feet wide and 45 feet wide?

From what i understand, there are 2 yards to enclose with fencing, both of which are rectangular in shape. Am i correct?The rule for calculating the perimeter (that is what they are asking you to calculate) for a rectangle islength + length + width + widthThen, the amount of fencing required to fence the front yard will be65 + 65 + 45 + 45 = 220 feetFor the back yard, the amount of fencing that is required will be35 + 35 + 45 + 45 = 160 feet

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