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  • QPR is congruent to SPR

  • PR is perpendicular to QPS

  • PQ =~ QR

  • PT =~ RT

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Q: If PQRS is a rhombus which statements must be true?
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What is the difference between and and or in a compound inequality?

The word "and" means both statements must be true. The word "or" means that at least one of the statements must be true.

How could you contrust a rhombus circumscribed in a circle?

You cannot circumscribe a "true rhombus". The opposite angles of a circumscribed quadrilateral must be supplementary whereas the opposite angles of a rhombus must be equal. That means a circumscribed rhombus is really a square.

If jkl mnp which statements must be true.?

How many parellel sides does a rhombus have?

A rhombus has two pairs of parallel sides. Each of its four sides is parallel to one of other three. These statements are true of any parallelogram, not only of rhombera .

If A is true then B must be true.?

Not necessarily. It will all depend on the statements A and B.

What are true statements about vouchers?

A voucher must be an accurate representation of a trip's itinerary, expenses, and daily allowances.

What these statements about student loans is not true?

That depends what the statements are.

If WXYZ is a square which statements must be true?

If WXYZ is a square, which statements must be true? Check all that apply: ANSWERS (apex): angle W is supplementary to angle Y. angle W is congruent to angle Y. angle W is a right angle. WXYZ is a parallelogram WX ≅ XY

If a figure is a rhombus then it is a square True or False?

FALSE a square is a rhombus but a rhombus is not a square

Is this statement true or falseThe area of rectangle ABCD is equal to the area of parallelogram PQRS?


Is it true that rhombus is a parallelogram?

Yes, it is true!

Does a rhombus have 1 pair of parallel sides 2 of the angles are square corners?

None of that is true of a rhombus. -- A rhombus must have two pairs of parallel sides. -- A rhombus need not have any square corners. But if it has any at all, then it has four of them, and most people looking at it would call it a square.