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No. If you draw a rectangle there are four sides, the length of two of those sides are equal to the length, and the other two are equal to the width. Therefore: the perimeter, which is equal to all the sides added up, is equal to two times the length plus two times the width: or 2L+2W= Perimeter. If you know L and you know the perimeter you can solve it algebraically. the width equals the perimeter minus two times the length, all that divided by two, or W= (P-2L)/2 (when you do the algebra). you might be thinking about the area in which case if you knew the area and the length and you want to find the width you would divide the area by the length.

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Q: If you know the perimeter and lenght of a rectangle and want to find its width do you divide the perimeter by the length?
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How do you find the length of a rectangle knowing the perimeter and the width?

You divide the perimeter by the width and you get the lenght

How can you calculate the length of a rectangle if the perimeter and the width are given?

Because the perimeter is lenght + length +width +width, you do perimeter - double the width, and then halve the remaining number. that should give you the length.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 700 yards what are the dimensions of the rectangle if the length is 40 yards more than the width?

the perimeter of a rectangle is 700 yards. what are the dimensions of the rectangle if the lenght is 80 yards more than the width?

What is the length of a rectangle that its perimeter is 30?

The perimeter of a rectangle is not sufficient to determine its length.

How do you find the width of a rectangle when the length and perimeter is given?

You multiply the length by 2 (because there are two sides of the rectangle that have that measure). You then subtract that number from the perimeter. The number you will be left with is twice the width, so you divide that by two and you get the width of the rectangle.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 40 the lenght is 4 times the width what are the dimenisons of the rectangle?

The length is 16 and the width is 4. 2x16 plus 2x4 equals 40.

How would you find the width if you only know the perimeter and length?

If it's a rectangle, just minus the length from the perimeter twice and than divide what you have by 2. Width = (Perimeter - (length*2))/2

How do you find the width of the rectangle?

If you know the area the divide area by length if you know perimeter subtract it by 2xlength and divide by 2

What is a perimeter of a recangular?

Perimeter is Length + width x 2 or Length + length + width + width. This is perimeter for any shape including a rectangle. Perimeter of a rectangle is all sides added together for a rectangle.

Can you find the perimeter if you know area of a rectangle?

You can find the perimeter of a rectangle if you know its area and the length of one side. Divide the area by the length of the known side and the quotient will be the length of a side perpendicular to the known side, and then multiply the sum of the two sides by two to find the perimeter.

How do you find the width of a rectangle if the length is 12 cm and the perimeter is 50?

The perimeter is found by multiplying the width by the length. So divide 50 by 12 and you get 4.166 width.

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