Perimeter of the sector

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A track 7m wide consists of two concentric circles. The circumference of the inner circle is 440m. Find,

1) the radius of the outer circle

2) the circumference of the outer circle.

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Q: Perimeter of the sector
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What is the formula of the sector of the circle?

There is no specific formula for a sector of a circle. There is a formula for its angle (at the centre), its perimeter, its area.

How do you prove that A equals 25-r-5r-5 when a sector of a circle has a perimeter of 20cm and a area of A and the circle has a radius of r?

A=25-(r-5)(r-5)→10-r2(Length of Arc) + (2*radius) = Perimeter of Sector→rӨ+2r=20so Length of Arc,rӨ=20-2rArea of sector=½rӨ=rӨ(½r)Sub length of arc equation into area of sector equation gives: (20-2r)(½r)=10-r2Thus it is proved.

What is the derivation of finding the curved surface area of a cone?

first note that cone when converted to a 2d figure it is circle minus a sector cut make two equations by using area of sector and perimeter of sector (central angle/360*(pi)*r*r)and (central angle/360*2*(pi)*r)

Can you find the perimeter of a sector with the radius 6cm and the centre angle of 72 and show simple calculations THANKS?

-- The circumference of the complete circle is 2 pi R = 12 pi cm.-- The central angle of a complete circle is 360 degrees.-- A central angle of 72 degrees is 72/360 = 0.2 of the circle.-- The perimeter of the 72-degree sector is(0.2 of the whole circumference) plus (the 2 radii at the edges of the sector).-- I'm quite confident that you can handle it from this point. Don't disappoint me.

How do you figure out length radius perimeter area of a sector?

The answer depends on what information you do have.The answer depends on what information you do have.The answer depends on what information you do have.The answer depends on what information you do have.

The perimeter of a sectors of a circle of radius 5.2 cm is 16.4 cm Find the area of the sector?

2pie.r.theta+2r/360=16.4 now find theta and then find area .....

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