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8 meters and 4 meters

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Q: The Phillips family wants to fence their backyard They know the yard has a perimeter of 24 meters and an area of 32 square meters What is the yards length and width?
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The perimeter of backyard is 121.2 feet what is the length if the width is 25.4?

Assuming the backyard is rectangular, the perimeter P = 2L+2W. Plugging in what we know, 121.2 = 2L + 2(25.4), we can solve L = 35.2. Multiplying the length by the width yields area = 25.4*35.2 = 894.08 square feet

His backyard is 96 yard. the length of the backyard is 14 yd. what is the width of the yard?

Your question is incomplete as written. If you meant a PERIMETER of 96 yards, then the backyard is 34 yards wide, 14 yards long.

How do you 'find the ratio of its length to its perimeter?

Here's how to do that: 1). Find its length. 2). Find its perimeter. 3). Divide (its length) by (its perimeter). The quotient is the ratio of its length to its perimeter.

How can you get the width when you have the perimeter and the length?

If the shape is a rectangle, then Perimeter = 2(Length + Width) So Width = Perimeter/2 - Length

Brandon's backyard is in the shape of a rectangle The length is 50 meters and the width is 30 meters What is the permeter?

160 meters. Width = 30 Length = 50 W+W+L+L = perimeter or Width x 2 + Length x 2 = Perimeter. 50 + 50 +30 +30 = 160

What is the length of a perimeter of 344?

The length of a perimeter of 344 is, well, 344 . . .

How do you find the length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 40 and the width is 2inches?

perimeter = 2 x (length + width) ⇒ length + width = perimeter ÷ 2 ⇒ length = (perimeter ÷ 2) - width So to find the length of the given rectangle, subtract the width from half the perimeter is how to do it. IF you meant "What is the length..." then: length = perimeter ÷ 2 - width = 40 ÷ 2 - 2 in = 20 - 2 in = 18 in

What is one different way to to find the perimeter of a rectangle?

Length + length + width + width = perimeter. Length + width x 2 = perimeter

What is the equation on perimeter?

The perimeter of a plane figure is the length of its boundary. Thus the perimeter of a rectangle of length L and width W is 2L + 2W. The perimeter of a circle is the length of its circumference.

What is the length of a rectangle that its perimeter is 30?

The perimeter of a rectangle is not sufficient to determine its length.

How do you find width when you have perimeter and length?

width = (perimeter-2*length)/2

The perimeter of a rectangular backyard is 6x plus 6 yards If the width is x yards find a binomial that represents the length?

Suppose the length is y yards, then the perimeter is 2x + 2y = 6x + 6 yards so that 2y = 4x + 6 or y = 2x + 3 yards.

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