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The given terms can't be an equation without an equality sign but a negative parabola opens down wards whereas a positive parabola opens up wards.

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Q: The equation y -3x2 describes a parabola. Which way does the parabola open?
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Can you give you examples of Parabola with graphs?

plot the equation 3x2+9x-6y+18=0 of the parabola.

What is the x-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola whose equation is y 3x2 9x?

Without an equality sign it can not be considered to be an equation and the - or + value of 9x has not been given

Is y equals 3x2 -7x plus 2 an up or down parabola?

It is an up parabola.

How do you find the vertex of the parabola given by y equals -3x2 plus 12x-1?

-3x2+12x-1 = y Solve the quadratic equation when y = 0 by means of the quadratic equation formula which gives x values of 3.914854216 and 0.085145784. Add these values together and divide them by 2 which is 4/2 = 2 and this is the line symmetry of the parabola. Substitute 2 for x into the original equation to find the value of y: So the vertex is at (2, 11) Remember that the parabola has a maximum value because the coefficient of x2 is negative in other words it will face downwards.

What is the line of symmetry for the parabola whose equation is y equals 3x2 plus 24x - 1?

Vertical line of symmetry cuts through x = -4 - (sqrt of 3)

Can you solve 3x2-x equals -1?

Set the equation equal to zero. 3x2 - x = -1 3x2 - x + 1 = 0 The equation is quadratic, but can not be factored. Use the quadratic equation.

How do you rearrange this equation. 4-x-3xยฒ to get the 3xยฒ by itself?

It is not an equation it is an expression but if it was in the form of 4-x-3x2 = 0 then 3x2 by itself:- 3x2 = 4 -x

Is 3x - 2 equals -3x2 a quadratic equation?

Yes. (Assuming that -3x2 is the best representation of 3x2 that this browser will allow.)

What would the graph of y equals -3x2-12x-13 look like?

an upside down parabola

How can you tell if a equation is conditional inconsistent or identity?

3x2 -12x+24=-10x-20-3x2+6

The curve with equation y2 equals x3 plus 3x2 is called the Tschirnhausen cubic?


Is 3x-2 equals -3x2 a quadratic equation?


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